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a wild blueberry bush in a field of blueberrys

Reviews - Wild Blueberry Powder

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Nice wild blueberry taste
The freeze dried powder looks, tastes and smells like wild blueberry. The product is nice. Exactly as advertised. It's expensive but worth the cost if you want truly wild blueberries. Finding a product like this is very difficult anywhere else. Considering the overhead cost to deliver a product like this to market, I think it's actually a steal. I just mix this with hot water and taste great.
Elizabeth T.
Great product
Great product and responsible company!!!
Car Guy
Love blueberries and add this to yogurt. A little pricey but tastes great.
Sean O.
We mix this in to our yogurt. The kids like it, since we don't have any fresh blueberries right now.
Cheryl R.
Worked perfect for a recipe that I tried before without blueberry powder. Enhanced the flavor of the recipe so much!!
Stephanie S.
Great replacement if you can't get frozen ones.