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Reviews - Maine Chaga Extract

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Double sized bottle
Web Wanderer

The real deal. Good size for the money. Tastes is not great (but not awful) so it must be good. Will most likely order again and again. Good stuff - use in my morning coffee.
Rhiannon P.
I use it daily in my water bottle. No taste at all. To me better than a pill.
Charles W.
Been taking this for over 2 years
Kerri C.
Love and trust only this brand. Recommended by a friend. Taking 7 months, work with kids, I've stayed healthy
I waited until I was nearly finished with this 4 ounce bottle of Chaga Extract.

I bought this mainly because I don't take flu shots and I can't afford down time from colds/flu during the winter (or anytime...who does?). Reason being, I'm a mountainbike/endurance race enthusiast and I wanted this to be an edge in my arsenal. I'm a very *low to the ground* eater, I guess Paleo is a better word for that. I try and maintain about 90% organic intake, but that is impossible while traveling to events or just because life gets in the way. This winter (2014-15) I maintained my health, except for a slight cold around mid-November after staying with a friend in the hospital . Honestly I think hospitals are the worst places to visit. To be fair, this is when I first stared with the Chaga extract. I'm not sure if it was a placebo affect at that time, but the cold was slight, not enough to slow me down or stop me from training. What isn't a placebo affect is since that time, I have not had any blips and where I live the flu was considered epidemic.

What I have noticed about this extract is I remain extraordinarily healthy, and I'm very keen on how I feel. My weights have all gone up, not body weight, but lifting weight. My squat has gone up to 250, my bench press is 100, my one arm rows are now 50. I'm a woman, so guys don't down me here. My usual daily endurance burn rides have extended in length without fatigue and riders know what I mean about over-training and what fresh legs are all about. Just all around good stuff.
Love this stuff
Love this stuff. 12 drops twice a day. Hides well In foods and teas. Nice pick me up in morning. My skin is starting to look healthier. Work in office and I've been healthy
Andrea B.
Best stuff ever! !
love it and its so easy to use I put
love it and its so easy to use I put 5 drops in my afternoon tea and feel great till bedtime I haven't noticed any major shifts in my health as of yet but I do have this steady feeling of balance like nothing is an annoyance and I feel more optimistic that's what im getting from this so far and to be honest that's enough for me just feeling good and up for the day is quite a change I will definitely be buying more
Tony M.
I recommend this to everyone