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Reviews - Chaga & Wild Blueberry Face & Body Bars

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Brianna A.
Love this soap! It is my favorite and doesn't have any ingredients that I am sensitive to, which are many. My skin feels better since using this and I love the smell and exfoliating benefit if these bars of soap also. Don't use if you have a mushroom allergy. Will definitely be purchasing more!
One of the best soaps I've tried. So gentle, soothing and softening!
ChaCha Fance
I have tried quite the variety of soaps from African Black soap to Shea Butter soap and this one definitely holds its own; it’s a force to be reckoned with. It smells really, really good and creates a nice lather with just a little soap, and it feels so gentle when applying to my skin.

I’ve used it as a face and body soap and it leaves skin feeling really clean, soft, and hydrated; it’s not drying at all. It hasn’t caused any type of irritation or made me break out any more than usually, which I truly appreciate.

I store the soap on an open plate by itself and it holds up perfectly. A little goes a very long way, so I can see just one bar lasting a couple months (or more) depending on how often you use it. All of the amazing ingredients along with the benefits of Chaga, make this a must-have soap.
I might not tell my girlfriend how good this soap is
Verified Purchase
The bars of soap are awesome! Well worth paying a premium price. The soap lathers nice and cleans my armpits well. The soap smells very earthy and so good. I love how this soap smells. Its so clean. First experience with the company, I bought the 35$ bottle of mushroom juice/extract from the My Berry Organics and liked putting a drop of that in my coffee each morning. I came back on here to see what else My Berry Organics had and bought the bars of soap to test. Its good soap. I'd like a free bar of the same recipe or a new trial recipe. I love the earthy aroma. So good.
This is more than a bar of soap, it's a sensual experience for me. The smell is intoxicating and the gentle lather lets me use less and it enjoy it more. It's so rich with coconut and other oils that it's hard to call it a soap. My skin feels really clean but never dry. I'm a big chaga fan and this is the ultimate for me, being able to have chaga that I can use on my entire body! Thanks for making such a great product.
I love this! Smells great and wakes me up
Jonathon M.
I LOVE THIS! Smells great and wakes me up in a wonderful way. I will be getting more of this :)
Works for men
Ryan C
I love the smell and texture of the soap. The soap lathers well-- by using a good loofah I find that each bar lasts a few weeks. Just be sure to store away from water between uses.
I love this soap!
Lorna Doone
My Berry Organics has introduced me to the wonderful world of pleasant exfoliation! After a winter in Maine of dry, neglected skin I needed help. These soaps offer a gentle exfoliation, they are are from Maine, made with high quality ingredients and they smell lovely. I have to say that I am not a fan of perfumed products, but these are scented in a calming, natural AND subtle way which I appreciate. I especially enjoyed the balsam scent, but every one is great. They are also chock full of chaga which does cause a browning tone on your skin, but it easily rinses away effortlessly. After using one full bar (which was several full body scrubbings) I honestly think my skin tone has improved. I feel brighter and softer, and a bit more ready for the summer season of bare skin!
Wanda S.
Since I am 81 there isn't much you can do for skin that old, but at least my skin doesn't look like dried up crepe paper since I have been using this soap. There is also another product by this company ( my Berry Organics can be gotten from Amazon) which also works wonders.
Love the natural scents
Tammy W.
"I love the lemongrass and orange scented chaga bar soaps. Some all-natural soaps can leave my skin feeling dry but this one doesn't.

It also has a nice lather and bits of chaga that exfoliate my skin. My favorite way to use it is with my exfoliating body bath gloves. Since the soap is all natural and good for my skin, I feel good about the ingredients getting deep into my skin. I plan to keep using this product."
Wonderful Soap!
chaga customer
Favorite soap ever! I use it in the shower and by my sink for my face every night. My skin is so soft and not flaky or oily anymore. It also goes a long way. I have 3 bars and I haven't even made a dent in the first one! Well worth the price in that regard.
You are worth it!
Fantastic, Lush and Yummy suds!!
Love it
Love it. It was a gift. Got great feedback.
Robert B.
Smells great!