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Reviews - Whole Dried Wild Blueberries - 4oz

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Game changer
Grace and Pearls
This is a top quality product!! I have tried several dried fruits, but these dried blueberries are amazing! I use this in all my baking now, blueberry muffins, waffles, and I add to yogurt, oatmeal and my protein smoothies. The taste is remarkable and I LOVE products from this company as they are adamant and passionate about true natural products. This is my new fave!!
Mind blown
Not overly sweet, chewy and tastes very clean.
You can tell these are made from high quality ingredients, but then again, it only contains wild blueberries and nothing else.

Kind of has a hollow texture, airy almost, which is different from the other brands I've tried.

I immediately ordered more as I know they wont last.
Quality of packaging excellent
Arrived very timely and packaging is exceptional for storage of berries. Much better than other brands that I have purchased before.
Wild blueberries are the best
D. R.
I bought these because my mom was craving Blueberry scones. Having just got a clear bill of health I couldn't deny her. They were perfect.