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My Berry Organics

Wild Blueberry Powder 6oz

Utilizing The Whole Wild Berry - Look For The Deep Purple Color Of The Powder

  • Wild Harvested In Northeastern Canada, Quality Wild Blueberry Producers Of The World
  • Proprietary Steam Dried Process To Retain Skin, Fiber, And Pulp With No Fillers
  • Large 6 oz Bulk Package, Not A  Concentrate, Extract Or Juice Powder

A proprietary steam dried process is used to retain 100% of the whole wild blueberry, including the important skin and pulp, with no added fillers. Lowbush, wild-harvested, wild blueberries are more revered than larger, cultivated highbush berries, so look for the word WILD in front of the word blueberry and the deep purple color of the rich powder. One teaspoon of our wild blueberry powder equals 1/2 cup of fresh wild blueberries. Add to any drink or food and may be used in baking.  

Ingredients: Whole wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium)

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