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Reviews - Maine Chaga Age-Defying Face Serum

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This serum absorbs quickly and is perfect paired with Maine Chaga Face & Body Cream. My face feels soft and moisturized, but never greasy. I will for sure be buying Maine Chaga Serum and Face Cream again.
I've been using this Chaga serum and Face and Body lotion for 5 months. That's how long a jar of lotion and the serum have lasted! Pretty good value for the money. I love the natural ingredients, how it feels on my skin and the tint of the serum gives me a nice natural color on my fair skin. I'm in my 40s with fine lines and very sensitive skin. I love that it is not heavily scented and I have not had any sensitivity issues. I do not think it has minimized my fine lines however. It does give my skin a beautiful glow but don't expect miracles in the wrinkle department! I will continue to purchase it because I like the ingredients and how my skin drinks it up but beware that it does not contain sunscreen so if you want sun protection you need to put something else on with it.
Best natural product!
Ryan C.
Highly recommended! This is easily the best natural face product I have ever tried. This serum goes on very clean with a tint (from the color of the chaga) and dries clear within 10 seconds. It is NOT sticky. I shave my face everyday and I've noticed that the serum seems to soothe my skin. Even after shaving, the serum does not burn. After a month of using this product, my skin is MUCH smoother and more even. I've tried many (expensive) serums in the past and none compare to this.
Tammy W.
I recently started using the chaga serum and one of my favorite things about it is the fresh citrus scent. I'm very happy to use such a healthy ingredient (the chaga) directly on my face every day instead of some of the mainstream serums that contain harsh chemicals. This serum absorbs quickly and works very well under facial moisturizer.
Cozy Rozy
Very nice. It's lightweight, non-greasy. It has helped to keep my skin clearer and seems to be lightening the dark spots on my cheeks.
Cindy R.
My husband bought this for me along with the face and body cream. We received some chaga soap and I have been using all three for over a week now. I have to say I am very pleased with how my skin seems to glow. I have very oily skin and at the age of 54 I can not wear any kind of make up due to break outs. I have very uneven skin tone or what is known as a ruddy complexion. After having using the Chaga soap, age defying face serum and the chage face and body cream I have noticed my skin is not as oily and my skin tone seems to be evened out. I love how it feels after I finish with my morning and evening regime. A must to have for every woman, no matter their age. With all the chemicals in our cosmetics and the pollution in the air around us this is a welcome to me.
Ellen W. S.

I think this is the real deal. I've been using it for several weeks now. Am impressed with the concentration and gentle feel when applied. The results? Time will tell.
This serum is amazing and has helped my skin immensely in only a couple days! Dramatically decreased my oily skin, and I’ve tried millions of products and none of them ever really helped much. Love this and will continue to buy in the future!