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wild blueberrys growing in a maine field

Reviews - Wild Blueberry & Chaga Face Cream

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Emily Bodemer
I used this product following the Chaga and Clay Mask. Again, I was concerned as most products irritate my super sensitive skin. I love chaga tea and felt it was worth having chaga directly on my skin so I decided to give it a go. To begin, when I opened the container of Wild Blueberry and Chaga Face Cream, a wonderful aroma greeted me! Who doesn't love blueberries?! And in the middle of winter, what a welcome smell! I applied the face cream which smoothed on easily and didn't leave my skin greasy. If a product is going to irritate my skin, I will feel tingling within a minute or two. This did not happen! I am grateful to have a product that I believe in and works so well. I also appreciate the care you use in selecting organic ingredients. Thank you for a superb face cream! 5