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Maine Chaga Extract 4oz

Harvested in Maine, North America; NOT Siberia, Russia

Our chaga is grown 100% on birch trees in the wild and NOT cultivated or grown on rice

Chaga (chemical name is Inonotus Obliquus) is a slow growing wild mushroom that is found mainly on birch trees in select cold regions of the world, including our Western Maine Mountain region of North America near the Canadian border.

Birch chaga mushroom in the woods  of Maine.
Birch chaga mushroom in the woods of Maine.

The mushroom feeds on the birch for many years. When the tree eventually dies the fungus then falls off and the spores are released into the air. The airborne spores then land on another host tree that has a deep bark injury to begin the process again. Chaga is wild harvested after it has sustained a growth of 10-35 plus years. Our chaga is 100% grown on birch trees in the wild ensuring the full potency of the chaga as nature intended. We also use sustainable harvesting practices to help reduce the future risk of over harvesting.

Chaga is odorless, near tasteless and the liquid extract is dark brown in color. When an alcohol extract is made the taste of the alcohol will be present.  It may be taken with any liquid.  Chaga demonstrates an amazing host of benefits including the white powdery substance on birch bark from which is grows. For maximum benefit, chaga needs to feed directly on a live birch tree and not on rice or wood shavings in a greenhouse. 

 We are selective as to where are chaga is harvested. It must not be harvested in areas of highway, industrial centers, on dying or dead birch trees, and have no history of radiation contamination. 

Our processing facility is registered with the FDA, registration #17095388252.

Directions: Suggested use: 1/4 teaspoon. Take with any liquid. Shake gently before using. 

Precautions: Do not take if you are allergic to mushrooms. Chaga use has not been scientifically determined for use by children and pregnant or lactating women. 

*Maine Chaga Extract may not be vegan as we use grain alcohol

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