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Maine Chaga Premium Tea Chunks 4oz

    • Premium Pre-cubed chunks, Perfectly sized for tea, Eliminates need to hammer or saw to resize chunks
    • Slow-Dried To Prevent Mold, No Powdery Mess, Simple To Use, No Tea Bag or Strainer Needed, Caffeine Free
    • 100% Maine USA Harvested and No Part is sourced from Russia Or China, Never Cultivated
    • Chunks May Be Reused Several Times, Makes 30-50+ Cups,
    • All parts of the chaga mushroom are beneficial, including the orange inner core and the black outer crust. At least 30% of each bag will contain some part of the important black crust. Our cubed chunks resemble the look of wood but know that it is strictly the inner part of the whole mushroom and is highly nutritious. 

How to use: Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. drop in one chunk and steep 15 min.

By the pot: Bring water to a boil, drop in several chunks and simmer for 1-2 hours for maximum nutritional extraction. Tea may be refrigerated for several days. Allow chunks to dry between uses.

Use 1-3 times per day

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