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My Berry Organics

Maine Chaga & Birch Bark Extract

Maine Chaga & Birch Bark Extract, Natural Source of Betulin, Wild Harvested, Double Extracted

  • Double Extracted With Hot Water and Grain Alcohol
  • White Birch Bark Offers Natural Source of Revered Betulin
  • BPA- Free Glass Bottle With Easy to Dispense Dropper

Our whole chaga mushroom and white birch bark is sustainably wild harvested from birch trees in the pristine forests of Maine USA. Our whole chaga mushrooms include the important black outer crust, which cultivated chaga does not grow. The combination of whole chaga and the white powdery substance on white birch bark provides optimal health-supporting benefits and is a natural source of revered betulin.


Wild-Harvested Maine Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus), Maine White Birch Bark (Betula Pubescens), Grain Alcohol, and Maine Spring Water

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