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My Berry Organics

Antioxidant Tea Blend

Our caffeine-free, sugar-free, natural antioxidant blend contains nutrients from nature's most desired antioxidants. Using 100% whole berry powders (including antioxidant-rich skin) along with the highly acclaimed Maine chaga mushroom, we developed your new favorite super antioxidant loose tea blend. No flavor additives or other additives, just pure & simple ingredients. Chaga mushroom has no odor and minimal flavor, making this tea a pleasant mild berry flavor. May use each tea bag twice. Directions: Add one teaspoon of powder in a tightly woven bag/filter to 6-8oz of very hot water and steep for 10+ minutes. The berry powders are water-soluble, while chaga mushroom is not and does not dissolve. Consequently, chaga requires a longer steep time to break down the cell walls to release its highly valued nutrients. May add a sweetener if desired. Do not take if allergic to mushrooms or berries. Store in a dry area and keep bag well sealed between uses.

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