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Reviews - Maine Chaga Tea Chunks

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Elaine - May 3, 2015
This health tea was recommended to me by a friend. At first glance I thought "Oh, this is going to taste awful." Surprisingly, it has a nice mild taste that isn't awful at all. If you're looking to boost your immune system I would recommend this tea.
worth it
dvadh - March 6, 2015
I heard that it tasted like vanilla coffee...i dont think so...with a little bit of wildflower honey its very good...kind of tastes like wood or a good way...two small chunks made a strong half gallon...i know u can reuse them for tea but i saw a video that said u can also use the chunks to make a tincture (alcohol extraction) after making tea...explanation was that boiling can only extract certain chemicals...and that the other chemicals can only be extracted with dont waste your mushroom...soak it in vodka...
kraig lackey - March 6, 2015
Great chunks for making tea in the field.
sarah mahan - February 21, 2015
Yummy and can already feel the benefits. And can actually get my kids to drink it!
Good Stuff
Yaphett - February 19, 2015
Good strong stuff. I drink it when I want a good cleansing.
OrganicAnne - February 12, 2015
I really wanted to try these Chaga tea chunks because it seemed like a great way to make your own tea from a natural source. The chunks are easy to use and then re-use as recommended. They actually make gallons of tea that is really so mild it can be mixed with anything. When I make a stronger tea I get a real lift and instant energy from it. Mostly I brew a light tea and use it instead of water to make my smoothie or add to a green powder to give it an extra boost. Last week I had the beginnings of a cold but kept downing this tea all day and feel it kept it from lingering. The chunks are a real money saver so I am pleased.
karyn888 - February 9, 2015
amazing product...shipped quickly...quality is highest I had to date
Christine E. Jeffries - January 27, 2015
My sister loves this and I am getting used to it as well. A nice alternative to leaf tea
Logan S - Jan. 14, 2015
I've been making a tea with this and some reishi and brewing my morning coffee with it. I love it!
Sharon Schnupp - January 10, 2015
I read about the use of chaga for tea in a natural health book. I bought this product 6 months ago. I find that these chunks keep producing tea if you let them sit for while, dry a little, then re soak them again. The first time I use a chunk, I just let it soak in room temperature water. They produce a wonderful tea, I like it with a little bit of stevia. Thank you for a great product
Diane - January 3, 2015
I had seen a video where a comment was made regarding how some medical professionals admit that there really is something to the health benefits of Chaga tea, and thus began my Amazon search to make a purchase. Drinking this tea has truly helped keep us from getting sick. How do I know this? As we both felt ourselves coming down with a flu-like illness, sniffles, runny nose, weak, etc., we started to drink this tea. Voila! Both of us began to quickly feel so much better. The "sick" symptoms just seemed to disappear. It was amazing. This has happened more than once. Another time It helped take away stomach upset. Truly chaga is remarkable! My Berry Organics produces a top-notch quality product. It also has an amazing Customer Service department. When I emailed with a question about chaga, Rebecca Webster sent me a complimentary package as well as another one of their products, Wild Blueberry face creme. And most recently, when my last order arrived with a package damaged in shipping, within hours, she read my seller feedback (posted late on a Friday night) and emailed me right away, with an offer to replace the damaged bag. I am beyond impressed with her level of caring and the quality of this product. Kudos to My Berry Organics and Rebecca Webster!!!
Rebecca, I received your package yesterday and I wanted to thank you so much for your kindness. I had a fever off and on for four days, so it was very nice to be able to brew up some chaga once I felt well enough to get out of bed. You really went above and beyond! I appreciate your wonderful customer service and I thank you for the sample as well. I look forward to using that and to brewing up your delicious chaga all winter! I will certainly return to purchase more when I run out, because your level of care has far exceeded what one would normally expect nowadays. I thank you again for such wonderful kindness, and I hope you have a great holiday and an even better 2015! :)
great tea
Kimberly - December 6, 2014
Great tasting a bit mild earthy and easy to drink with no additives. Great for you too!
I kind of liked the powder but these nuggets make an interesting tea
Jamila S. Tazewell "lover" - December 3, 2014
chaga! WE had the powder before. I kind of liked the powder but these nuggets make an interesting tea. You boil them and it seems to come out the exact right amount for a good cup. Plus you can use the nuggets over and over again. Pretty cool.
Pepe N. - November 16, 2014
Great product, reputable company
Absolutely Fantastic
RainbowAshley - November 11, 2014
These are great! You can steep them 30 times or boil them for a week straight in a crock pot with water, and drink the tea three times a day for a week before having to put new ones in. Then, you can take the used ones that aren't making color in the water anymore, and put them into alcohol to get the other half of the benefits!
I have never felt better since I started taking chaga over a month ago
Jason Sell - October 9, 2014
This stuff is the real deal. I have never felt better since I started taking chaga over a month ago. Please give this a try. They also incredible customer service to boot!!
I really like these chaga chunks
Suki - November 5, 2014
I really like these chaga chunks. Each one makes a really nice tea and the bag does seem to last a while.
Chaga for longevity
K. Cook - October 3, 2014
great taste..easy to use product. It is helpful to have a coffee grinder to use this product. Taste is quite a sasafrass tea or other mild tea. The health benefits are suppose to be legendary. I will update my post when I am 90 if I can....I am 48 now. Chaga on my brothers!
J. Robbins
This is really great tasting Chaga. Although $20 seemed like a lot for only 4oz, I have been quite surprised by how much goodness is in here. I've been using the no boil, pot on the stove 24/7 method (with lid, lowest possible setting) and the 4oz has lasted over a month. Such a nice flavor and it's there the whole time. It easily replaces my daily coffee habit and feels so much better on my body!
I like this
Bonnie Cutright - September 13, 2014
lasts longer than the tea bags. I like this.
Tastes great and a good value - August 2, 2014
This was delivered quickly and in good shape. The chunks look perfect and the tea tastes great to me. Not bitter at all, nice and smooth. I can drink it without any sweetener, but think it is really good with a bit of raw honey. I am still using my first chunk and have gotten at least 6 or more cups out of it so far. I made the first three like regular tea in my teavana perfect tea maker steeping for about 15-20 minutes. The next few cups were made by bringing water to a boil in a pan and then lowering the heat and simmering for a while, I took out a few cups, added more water and continued steeping for more cups. I am keeping it in a plastic baggie in the fridge between uses (I hope that is the right way to store it) All were very tasty.

My first thought was chaga tea would be more expensive than my daily coffee or tea habit, but it will actually be very comparable because I can get so many cups from just one chunk.

So far I have not noticed any significant health benefits, but it has only been a few days. I am not expecting miracles, just hoping to help with energy level, clear up my skin and help with general overall health and wellness.

I am definitely buying from My Berry Organics again because it is grown naturally and harvested in Maine where I am from and I feel confident it is high quality. I love the chunks and making tea from it because I love drinking tea and it replaces my other tea so I feel it is a really great bargain for me.
This is really great tasting Chaga
joel e robbins - July 23, 2014
This is really great tasting Chaga. Although $20 seemed like a lot for only 4oz, I have been quite surprised by how much goodness is in here. I've been using the no boil, pot on the stove 24/7 method (with lid, lowest possible setting) and the 4oz has lasted over a month. Such a nice flavor and it's there the whole time. It easily replaces my daily coffee habit and feels so much better on my body!
Tammy W
I am a tea lover and drink it all the time. I really like these chaga chunks as an alternative to my herbal teas and caffeinated teas because of the extra health benefits. Not only are they healthy, but they have a subtle flavor that is nice alone or blended with other tea flavors. I also like the fact that they can be used a few times. I plan to keep buying this product to maintain good health.
That is what David Wolfe says! If you have not seen his video, got to youtube and search "David Wolfe Chaga" . This stuff is amazing!!

Also amazing is My Berry Organics, I ordered both the extract and the chaga chunks, and what a difference My Berry's Chaga has made in my life. I feel Super Charged. I have told all of my healthy friends about My Berry Organics, and I will definitely be ordering from them again. Great, effective product that was fresh and well packaged. Rebecca was very responsive to my questions.
D. White
Chunks are uniform in size for ease of brewing tea. Highly recommended product and My Berry Organics.
S.K. - July 2014
These chunks give me energy and I feel better overall. Other Chaga products I have tried have not been effective. If you are tired of all the supplement scams out there, just buy the real deal. I'm glad to have tried these.
Shoemaster - May 12, 2015
Five star
Louise O. Standish - May 24, 2015
Harvested and processed in Maine, chaga is revolutionary.
Jacob Chapple - May 25, 2015
Verified Purchase
I am currently using the same 3 chunks for 7 cups of tea. I amazed at how i can still make cups of tea with the same chunks. I has the small scent of vanilla to it. It's definitely real stuff. I drink it everyday and it keeps me in good shape.
Haven't tried yet
p s t - June 3, 2015
I haven't made tea yet but my Chinese Medicine Doctor said that he thought I got extremely high quality Chaga. He was very impressed and is anxious for me to brew a crockpot full!
Five star
Toni - June 20, 2015
This is awesome!
Good tea and can be reused
Kelly - June 23, 2015
I like the Chaga Chunks. You can reuse the chunks but I noticed that they seem to lose their potency after the third use or so. I tried using with cold water soaking but it didn't work. I will order again but will only use, according to instructions with hot water.
Mr. G. - June 29, 2015
Brian Holvena - July 10, 2015
This is a very good product! The chunks are cubed so they're easy to fish out of the pot for later brewing. Since this was the first time I would try Chaga tea, I was a bit worried that the "sweet smell" of the tea was going to be misleading. The aroma is very much a faint scent of cocoa and vanilla, and a hint of birch, while the flavor is similar to Oolong tea. Even when it's almost as dark as coffee it's not bitter.

The reason for buying the chaga was really a mixture of general malaise. Generally speaking, I feel amazing when I drink a pot of this a day. My insomnia has also disappeared. I usually have to get up a couple times a night, but in the past few days of drinking the chaga tea, I sleep all through the night! This stuff truly is a miracle food. I will be ordering it again before I run out!
Kelly P. - July 15, 2015
Love this stuff! I brew in 1 liter glass jug and drink daily. Tastes clean and it's my fountain of youth!
Extremely pleased!
Christina Raymond - July 22,2015
I am extremely happy with my chaga mushroom purchase.
Nice tea
Rainbeacon - August 4, 2015
This makes a very nice tea. We make a big batch in a crock pot, and then store it in a glass jar in the fridge.
Great tea
Cinorange - August 4, 2015
Excellent product. I drink 1 gallon per week and it has helped me with fatigue and sinus congestion. Love it!
Kristina - August 6, 2015
I was skeptical as I have never had chaga, but since I have received my chunks, I have been brewing crock pot size portions (lasts me two days) and I LOVE IT. I don't think I will ever be without chaga in my life ever.
Five stars
Tracy Penner - August 25, 2015
Good. Good for you and good tasting.
Felt very good
Wicca witch - September 4, 2015
Chaga holds up to it's reputation. When i hiked the A.T. I harvested chaga to cleanse my system. Felt very good afterwards
First timer
It isn't easy being green - September 9, 2015
Delivery was surprisingly quick. I haven't tried other brands of Chaga so I won't be able to compare the quality of MBO Chaga. I can say that the taste reminds me of a strong earthy coffee, it's not something I sip on and enjoy the aroma swirling around my head. I drink it for the benefits promised to me and I drink it fast. I read it may taste better with sugar or honey but for me, I'd rather stay away from sweets.
Five stars
Elodie C. Freeman - September 23, 2015
Very good as an additive to tea.
Jennifer - September 23, 2015
very high quality chaga.
Must try!!
Zara - October 10, 2015
As always very awesome tea!
And wonderful custoner service
A girl named captain - October 19, 2015
Very high-quality chaga tea, and wonderful customer service. Extremely pleased with this.
Great chaga
Maria Bockus - October 20, 2015
Great Chaga. I get almost 100 cups out of one package. I use my crock pot to make 24 cups at a time. Brew time is 12 hours on low.
The taste of it is really good
Nick Gatti - October 20, 2015
This is the only chaga I have tried so I'm not very versed in chaganeering however if you follow the instructions to make the tea (I make a gallon at a time) the taste of it is REALLY GOOD. You can add cream and sugar or have it straight. Also chaga per gram has the most anti-oxidants in it of any safely edible plant/fungus/anything known to man at the moment that doesnt have the anti-oxidant levels bumped up by things like vitamin C. If you have any sort of oxidative stress in your body and you drink well made chaga tea... YOU WILL FEEL IT. It is super healthy to drink.
Stephanie Mccarthy - November 2, 2015
Really like this product. Will be getting more in the future.
Chuga a chaga
Smoking Chicken - November 7, 2015
I have recently learned about Chaga I am very pleased with the experience of the tea. The flavor isn't like some English tea but more like a coffee and not nearly a chore to drink. Moving forward now that I am familiar with its' flavor there are much more reasonable places to purchase Chaga.
Quality chaga
Hitz - November 13, 2015
Make tincture out of this... works great.
Surprisingly smooth tea- no taste, no odor. Easy to make, glad I tried it
M. Logix - November 2, 2015
I was introduced to Chaga tea by an Alaskan tour guide who swears by the health benefits of Chaga. What is chaga? It is a fungus that grows primarily on birch trees - and for these kinds of supplements, the softer insides are removed and cut into chunks. It is thought to be immune supporting and high in antioxidants.

(+) Taste: The Maine Chaga Tea chunks have no taste and no smell. The tea I made is literally an herbal tea that you can dress up with honey, milk, or whatever else you might enjoy in your tea.

(+) How to make it: There are a LOT of different preparation instructions online. I used the instructions on the Maine Chaga Tea packaging, which was to simmer a few chunks on the stove for about an hour. You can put the resulting tea into the fridge for a few days and drink it either hot or cold. It came out slightly darker than the packaging indicated it would, so I re-simmered with more water.

(+) Does it work? It's hard to measure the effects of supplements. But it can't hurt to try something that people have been using for thousands of years. Will update the review if I notice marked improvement in immune system, energy, etc.

(+) Re-using the chunks: This was something that prompted me to buy the tea. After simmering the chunks, you can remove from the water, put them into an air tight bag or container, and back into the fridge. Then you can reuse the chunks several times. (Each time, the tea will be lighter). That makes what may seem like a pricey product, very reasonable in the long run.

The bottom line: I'm very pleasantly surprised that there is no taste or smell in the tea. I can sip on a mug of chaga tea while working and make sure I'm staying hydrated and healthy, without even thinking about it. It's easy to make the tea, easy to store it in the fridge, and the Maine Chaga tea packaging reseals very well for the chunks you haven't used yet.
Love it!
Customer - November 19, 2015
This is my second purchase of Chaga from MBO. I like it strong, so I just keep reusing the same chunks for several days, then just add a new one in. I try to remember which chunks I added first, after about 6 days I'll take that one out. I usually have about 5 chunks at a time from different stages of use. Some people say it's ok to boil, some don't. I add one bottle of water with the chaga, bring to a slow boil for 5 minutes, then let sit for 15 mins. This makes a perfect cup. I add a half teaspoon of raw honey. I then just leave the chunks in the pot on the stove to dry out until my next use. Even if I'm not getting all these wonderful benefits from it, I'd continue to use because I love the taste! I haven't tried to do it in the crock pot yet, I like it hot and fresh by the cup.
High quality
DHKV Portland, OR - October 14, 2015
High quality chaga. Love the taste.
Nature heals in many ways...
K. Long - November 28, 2015
This is amazing... The Birch tree is giving us something miraculous here... I believe the CHAGA. Get it and try it and you won't be disappointed.
Feel great
Lloyd B. Wixom, MI - October 3, 2015
It is something about this tea that makes me feel great I have not put my finger on it yet but I need to try it again