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My Berry Organics

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My Berry Organics offers a custom formulated line of chaga skin care and chaga tea powders/chunks with ingredients sourced from nature. Our two signature ingredients are the Maine chaga mushroom and the prized wild blueberry.

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100% Whole Wild Blueberry Powder

  • No Pesticides & Non-Sprayed, Wild Harvested From Northeast Canada, Quality Wild Blueberry Producers Of The World
  • Look For The Dark Purple Color (Not Blue) and The Word "Wild" In Front of Blueberry
  • Proprietary Steam Dried Process To Retain Skin, Fiber, And Pulp With No Fillers

A proprietary steam dried process is used to retain 100% of the whole wild blueberry, including the important skin and pulp, with no added sugar or fillers. When a powder is freeze-dried or made as a concentrate, extract, or juice powder, it is not including the full nutritional content of all parts of the wild blueberry in the finished powder. Those types of drying methods make the powder blue in color (and of lower quality and cost) and not the dark purple color of the whole berry that is derived from the skin and fiber. Our unique steam-dried method includes the skin and fiber in the finished product which keeps the nutritional and antioxidant properties intact. Wild Lowbush, wild-harvested, wild blueberries are more revered than larger, cultivated highbush berries, so look for the word WILD in front of the word blueberry and the deep purple color of the powder. One tablespoon of our wild blueberry powder equals 1/2 cup of fresh wild blueberries. Each bag contains 68 one tsp servings or 34 two teaspoon servings.

A Super Sized Maine Chaga Specimen.
A Super Sized Maine Chaga Specimen.

Maine Chaga Mushroom 

Antioxidant Source - Simple & Affordable Daily Use

The chaga mushroom has been used for centuries in North European countries, Poland, Russia and Japan. The following organizations have this to say about chaga:

 The World Health Organization  (WHO) has listed chaga mushroom as having GRAS status (generally recognized as safe).  

The FDA classification of chaga is the following: Food safety issues-none, Known toxicity-none, Drug contradictions-none, known taste-none, Odor-none, Refrigeration-none, Shelf life-indefinite

Our chaga powders and chunks are classified as a food and as such, do not take if allergic to mushrooms. 


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