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My Berry Organics offers a custom formulated line of chaga skin care products, teas and immune support supplements with ingredients sourced from nature. Our two signature ingredients are the astoundingly nutrient-rich Maine chaga mushroom and the prized wild blueberry.

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Chaga Regenerates In Maine Forests!

My Berry Organics uses sustainable harvesting practices when harvesting our chaga from the Maine woods. We are so pleased to see chaga regenerating from all of the sites that we harvested from 3-4 years ago and all have healthy trees.  This photo shows a site that we harvested from 3 years ago and how the chaga is regenerating. This is wonderful news for our Maine forests.


My Berry Organics welcomes several of our new stores:   

FoodWorks Natural Market  450 Boston Post Road  Guilford, CT

FoodWorks Natural Market  940 Boston Post Road  Old Saybrook, CT

Holistica  15 PR 5 Middlesex, Vermont

Lake Ontario Gift Shop  12279 NYS Rt. 12 E  Chaumont, New York

Gilbertie's Herb Gardens  7 Sylvan Lane Westport, Connecticut

Vermont Salt Caves  46 Main St. Montgomery Center, Vermont


A Super Sized Maine Chaga Specimen.
A Super Sized Maine Chaga Specimen.

Maine Chaga Mushroom With Natural Vitamin B3

Powerful Immune Support - Simple & Affordable Daily Supplement

The chaga mushroom has been used for centuries in North European countries, Poland, Russia and Japan. The following organizations have this to say about chaga:

 The World Health Organization  (WHO) has listed chaga mushroom as having GRAS status (generally recognized as safe).  

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has classified chaga as a medicinal mushroom.

The FDA classification of chaga is the following: Food safety issues-none, Known toxicity-none, Drug contradictions-none, known taste-none, Odor-none, Refrigeration-none, Shelf life-indefinite

*However, we always recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before taking any herbal supplements*

Due to its extremely high level of phoytonutrients (an astounding 200+ types of antioxidants), scientific research of chaga demonstrates an amazing host of benefits. 


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