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My Berry Organics offers a custom formulated line of chaga skin care products, teas and immune support supplements with ingredients sourced from nature. Our two signature ingredients are the astoundingly nutrient-rich Maine chaga mushroom and the prized wild blueberry.

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*NEW PRODUCT* Chaga Extract Powder

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Introductory "Try It" Price $17, USDA Organic, Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder, 100 Servings, Rich in Beta-Glucans, Wild Harvested, NO STEEPING REQUIRED

  • Wild harvested from the forests of China with strict oversight from our persosonaly selected reputable mushroom manufacturer (at present, no extract powder is manufactured with U.S. wild harvested chaga) This product receives My Berry Organics' seal of approval.
  • Hot-water extracted powder retains all the fiber thus making it pre-digestible to utilize the valuable compounds.
  • 100 Servings and No Steeping Required, Add Directly to any Food or Liquid
  • Quality Analyzed for important beta-glucans. Not tested for polysaccharides, as this is an unreliable test of quality.
  • Processed in a GMP Facility (U.S. standard for manufacturing)
  • Nutrient Analyzed and tested for heavy metals and microbes.

This hot-water extracted powder was selected from an experienced reputable mushroom company to ensure this product has been nutrient-tested for beta glucans and tested for heavy metals and microbes. Polysaccharide testing is not done, as it is an undesirable test for determining quality. Unfortunately, it is used extensively as a deceptive means to attain a high polysaccharide count. This high count is due to the chaga being cultivated/grown on grain or rice and not wild-harvested on live birch trees in the forests. Grain and rice is a starch and is also a filler when added to what little amount of actual mushroom is being used, thus artificially raising the polysaccharide count. Cultivated chaga also does not grow the important black crust (containing betulin and melanin) when not grown on the birch bark of live birch trees. When My Berry Organics researched this practice and conducted our own independent U.S.testing, we were astounded at the number of companies making these fraudulent claims.(as of yet, no extract powder is sourced directly in the U.S.) Shockingly, 100% of the samples we tested proved to be cultivated chaga even with official looking documents claiming to be wild-harvested. Thankfully, we were able to find a quality professional company in which we were able to give our seal of approval. *Do not confuse an extracted powder with raw unextracted powder. This extracted powder is highly dense and a little makes for many servings.

A Super Sized Maine Chaga Specimen.
A Super Sized Maine Chaga Specimen.

Maine Chaga Mushroom With Natural Vitamin B3

Powerful Immune Support - Simple & Affordable Daily Supplement

The chaga mushroom has been used for centuries in North European countries, Poland, Russia and Japan. The following organizations have this to say about chaga:

 The World Health Organization  (WHO) has listed chaga mushroom as having GRAS status (generally recognized as safe).  

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has classified chaga as a medicinal mushroom.

The FDA classification of chaga is the following: Food safety issues-none, Known toxicity-none, Drug contradictions-none, known taste-none, Odor-none, Refrigeration-none, Shelf life-indefinite

*However, we always recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before taking any herbal supplements*

Due to its extremely high level of phoytonutrients (an astounding 200+ types of antioxidants), scientific research of chaga demonstrates an amazing host of benefits. 


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