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Our Story

Rebecca Webster, Owner
Rebecca Webster, Owner

I was only 39, a mom with a career and two young children at home, when I was first diagnosed with skin cancer. I thought, “Here we go, I was warned for years not to suntan.” Now I had basal skin cancer. As a nurse, I worked on a cancer unit, many of whom died from cancer, and even one from skin cancer. Now I had IT. Again. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was pregnant and became cancer free following treatment, until now. Within a few years, I developed another skin cancer, squamous cell this time. Those of us with skin cancer are told that we are at a high risk of continuing to develop them. I decided that I was not going to continue to wait for the next one to show up. I planned to be proactive and research what could help to prevent these recurrences. Simply being told to stay out of the sun and use sunblock was not enough. That was a given. I knew that there had to be something that I could put on my skin that would work with my body that could help keep my skin healthy. Not just for me, but for others also.

Through my research, I learned more about the risks of tanning and cancer risk factors from chemicals that come in contact with skin: chemical insect repellents, cigarette smoke, and even certain kinds of chemical sunblock. I learned more about antioxidants, nature’s immune support. I changed my life to avoid cancer-causers and include more organic and natural products.

But there was a problem. I could not find high quality, high antioxidant products. I asked my doctors about organic antioxidants, and they said that skin products made of all the good cancer-fighters found in nature would be a good idea.

Living in Maine, I knew about the high antioxidant value of wild blueberries, which grow only in this part of the world. I learned that they were one of the highest antioxidants of  fruits, vegetables, and plants.

And then came that moment when you know that something that was just said in the most casual way, was going to be so very important. I was on a camping trip in the Northern Maine woods when my daughter pointed out to me the chaga mushroom growing on the tree beside us. She said some people drink the healthy tea that they make from this mushroom. I knew for certain in that quiet moment that when I got home I would spend the next year researching this health promoting mushroom. 

I learned that this particular odd looking, black hard mushroom growing out the sides of birch trees was the highest antioxidant IN THE WORLD.  This mushroom also has in exceptionally large amounts, the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase), a nature sourced antioxidant greatly desired in skin care formulations. I knew that not only was I going to incorporate both of these high antioxidant foods into our products, but they both grew in my own backyard in Maine. 

As I was in the early stages of formulating our products, I developed my third skin cancer. I was fortunate that our first sample was ready and that I was able to apply it twice daily to the new incision on my face. What I had not expected was that my scar disappeared! My other two old incision scars were red and white, bumpy, and very apparent. But, this new incision healed clean and completely. Today, I still cannot see the incision, even without any makeup. I was amazed by the power of these products and the added benefit for fresh scars. Now, three years after I began applying chaga to my skin with our custom formulation (Maine Chaga Age-Defying Face Serum) my dermatologist (and me!) is pleased that I have been skin cancer free.

These products do more than help me and other people have healthy skin. It is a recipe for looking younger, moisturizing, loaded with pure antioxidants and the highest natural moisturizing ingredients such as cocoa butter, rosehip, sweet almond, chamomile, sunflower, red clover, plus many more.

Because of the high concentration of antioxidants in our products, this also has a major benefit as natural anti-aging. Anti-aging antioxidants help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. There are many risk factors for premature skin aging so men, women and teens should be on a lifelong skin care regimen that incorporates natural and organic ingredients of these high antioxidant products.

I hope you love our Maine Chaga & Wild Blueberry Skin Care Line & Supplements as much as we do and will recommend them to your family and friends!

From My Maine Woods to Your Home

Why is My Berry Organics Unique?

Our products have one of the highest concentrations of immune supporting antioxidants in the skin care industry. Since over 60% of what is put on our skin is absorbed, our products provide a highly nutritious benefit to skin health. Current research suggests that when multiple antioxidants are combined, the synergistic effect is more potent and more effective than just one or two antioxidants alone. This effectiveness provides greater anti-aging and benefits for fresh scars, pregnancy stretch marks and radiation burns for cancer treatments. 

Secondly, we use the whole berry in skin care. We use organic whole wild blueberries, not an extract, or part of the berry. We use more than just the fruit juice or the oil of the seed. It is more nutritionally beneficial to utilize the whole food. We provide the most complete balanced skin nutrition possible. In utilizing the whole blueberry, the pigment of this skin provides an exceptional amount of antioxidants, more vitamin C and A, and minerals, all found in excess specifically in the berry skin. It is in the skin of this fruit that is exceptionally rich in phenol and anthocyanin type of antioxidants.

Why Natural and Organic ingredients?

Since over 60% of topical applications to our skin are absorbed, we know to be as vigilant as possible to what we expose our skin. Many of the products we use on a daily basis have numerous synthetically made or chemically made ingredients. Many of these are toxic and harmful. Have you looked at the ingredient list of lotions, hair products, perfumes, and soaps lately? If you do not understand the ingredient list, you may be at high risk for absorbing harmful chemicals into your bloodstream. That is why you will always see the common name of each ingredient listed on our products and its benefit, so you will know exactly what is going to be absorbed into your skin. 

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