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My Berry Organics

Our Story

We both had been sun-worshippers in our teen years and because of our foolishness, we began to suffer from damaging skin issues. In addition, Rebecca was in her early 30's and Kathy in her early 50's,when we both had a major health crisis. Following surgery and radiation treatments we felt compelled to find antioxidant plant-based products to apply to our skin and to ingest as food… good health from the inside out and the outside in. Since we did not find currently-marketed products that we considered nutritionally adequate, we set out to create exactly what our bodies and skin needed. With our unique and custom-created formulas, we decided to share our healthy products with others. The basis of our woman-owned business, My Berry, is to bring wild-harvested, farm-grown raw and natural ingredients to skin care and food-based products without the use of parabens, synthetic fragrances, fillers/additives, and are cruelty-free. 

Rebecca Webster and Kathy Wehmeir-Davis