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My Berry Organics

Our Story

We both had been sun-worshippers in our early years and because of our foolishness, we began to suffer from damaging skin issues. We were then lead on a quest to find antioxidant-rich plant-based products to apply to our skin and to ingest as food… good health from the inside out and the outside in. Since we did not find currently-marketed products to address our specific needs, we set out to create exactly what our bodies and skin needed. After finding healthy results from our unique and custom-created formulas, we decided to share our health success with others. The basis of our woman-owned business, My Berry Organics, is to bring wild-harvested, farm-grown raw and natural ingredients to skin care and food-based products without the use of parabens, synthetic fragrances, fillers/additives, and are cruelty-free. We have had such wonderful results with our products and we hope that you find similar results.

Rebecca Webster and Kathy Wehmeir-Davis