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Reviews - Maine Chaga Face & Body Cream

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K.Gray - Dec. 29, 2017
Very pleased with this product. I have been using it for a few years now and my skin feels great.
Happy2share - April 25, 2016
I love this cream. feels great on my skin (I use it on face, neck, arms routinely). Don't be fooled by the color; mushroom brown could be the new white when it comes to thoroughly moisturizing wrinkly parts! I like that it doesn't take a lot of product to produce results. Not miracles for me - just healthier feeling / looking skin.
Nice results
Amazon Customer - August 25, 2015
I am aware than many companies do various things to solicit positive product reviews. For that reason I normally avoid giving one. As I write this I would like to use words like amazing, incredible, remarkable or miraculous. In the interest of believability, I won't. You see, I have only been using this product for about a week. I have been applying it twice daily to my face, neck and arms. There is already a noticeable difference in the way my skin looks. It appears more vibrant and there is a visible improvement in the tone of my skin. I am completely pleasantly surprised and impressed. My only regret is that I didn't take any "before" photos to document the change.
RD - August 31, 2015
Fast delivery and great product. Skin is happy from the first application. Not greasy but a nice healthy glow. Smell is pleasant and not over powering. Have not used it long enough to tell if it will improve my sun damage but I really think it will. Very moist. Feels great! Will buy again.
I love the Maine Chaga Face & Body Cream
Sharon Mavis - August 29, 2015
I love the Maine Chaga Face & Body Cream. I have already purchased my second jar as my husband uses it also.
Lisa in California - August 24, 2015
Hi Rebecca, I absolutely love,love, LOVE your chaga cream! I have only been using them for 3 days and already see a huge improvement on some skin that was extremely rough and wrinkled. Now the skin lies flat, is soft, smooth, and even glossy. Wow! Over the years I have tried MANY kinds of creams; ranging from L'Oreal to Nuskin and everything in between. Never, have I noticed such a dramatic improvement in so little time. You and your chaga products ROCK! You have a new customer for life
I truly love this product
Annie Begin - April 22, 2015
I truly love this product! I work at a health food store and have had the opportunity to try many different natural creams and lotions over the years, Maine Chaga Face & Body Cream is by far my absolute favorite! I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful what products I use, and in the past I have just skipped using anything on my face to avoid irritating it. Now that I have found this cream It is part of my daily routine. I would recommend this cream without hesitation!
You are Worth it!!
karyn888 - April 2, 2015
Delightful! Amazed by the lusciousness and effectiveness.
Jason C. - March 16, 2015
This stuff is awesome!
I truly love this product
OrganicAnne - February 12, 2015
I saw an immediate difference in the texture of my skin when I began using this cream. So rich and luxurious but not greasy my skin just drinks it in. The best part is that the skin on my legs is no longer cracked and dry after I shower. This cream has restored my old tired skin from years of sun baking and the effects of hormonal changes to a normal youthful appearance. It feels good to wear shorts and skirts knowing my legs look great. My face and neck continue to improve each week so I am pleased to have found a product great for my entire body!
Perfectly balance moisturizer!
Ryan C - February 10, 2015
Excellent! I find this cream to be perfectly balanced--it spreads easily without feeling too 'light'. The smell is wonderful and it really makes my skin glow. Highly recommended!
Kyle Marvin - February 2, 2015
Lasts a while and feels great on your skin.
Ken Campbell - January 20, 2015
Great stuff nothing else like it:)
Maryana - December 26, 2014
I've used it for two weeks and I love it!
The skin feels very happy, smooth and hydrated.
I'm feeling like I have my "glow on"
Connie Sarnacki - September 5, 2014
Will never be without this product now that I've found it. I already drink chaga tea and have seen extraordinary benefits, so thought the cream would help my skin. I'm so impressed! Because I'm outdoors a lot, I have to be concerned about sun damage. Since using this cream, I haven't burned once. The scent is pleasant and the cream absorbs into my skin immediately. I'm feeling like I have my "glow on"! Only have to use such a small amount too so will last quite awhile. Best find in a long time!
I absolutely love this product
Judith A Meyer - August 15, 2014
I absolutely love this product, it has a wonderful fresh scent and feels great on my face. Great packaging, price and arrival time. I would purchase products from My Berry Organics as well as highly recommend to others!
Great in combination with the chaga face serum
B. E. Rose - September 14, 2015
This product in combination with the Maine Chaga Age-Defying Face Serum has helped my skin feel softer and I swear I am glowing more than usual :)
Awesome product
Customer - September 14,mm 2015
I wash with the soap bar, then use the serum, then apply the cream, and I absolutely love the whole combo. Soft skin without greasiness.
Another great product from My berry Organics
Annabelle - September 20, 2015
Another great product from My Berry Organics. Smooth creamy texture that goes on silky smooth and leaves my skin looking and feeling great.
Super moisturizing with a wonderful aroma
Ginger Krick - November 1, 2015
I bought this because a friend of mine on Facebook posted about it. She said she no longer wears foundation because of this cream. Well I didn't have THAT experience, but I do love it. It smells great and is very moisturizing. Also a nice size; I expect it to last a good long while (I apply twice a day: once in the morning, and once at bedtime).
Olga R. - November 4, 2015
Very nice face cream. I use it every day.
It's awesome!
Patrik Saikkonen - November 5, 2015
I've been using this a couple of weeks in combo with the face serum. its awesome! I have a browner tint and look tanned.(from the face serum) My face looks healthier and smoother. This cream also works on my hands and they have never been this smooth in my life. Good stuff!
It's working
Nora F. Venice, FL - October 9, 2015
I have been using Maine Chaga Face and Body Cream for a few months. It seems to be working for me. I intend to keep on ordering and using it.
Really moisturizes
Carol M. Rockville, MD - October 3, 2105
Love the way it glides on easily and really moisturizes nicely. Better than most. I use on face and all over body. Like the smell too.
Very satisfied
Sharon M. Independence, MO - August 21, 2015
This is the second jar of the face & body cream I have purchased & I am very satisfied with it. Will definitely purchase from this company again.