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Reviews - Maine Chaga Extract

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Gabriela B. - November 19, 2017
Rhiannon P. - November 27, 2017
I use it daily in my water bottle. No taste at all. Using for immune system support. To me better than a pill.
Charles W. - August 6, 2017
Been taking this for over 2 years
Kerri C. - July 7, 2017
Love and trust only this brand. Recommended by a friend. Taking 7 months, work with kids, not one cold or virus.
M.C. Graford - May 4, 2015
I am almost finished with my first bottle of Extract with good results on most of my psoriasis. I have had it for 45 yrs and have never had such good results
DirtDiva - March 12, 2015
I waited until I was nearly finished with this 4 ounce bottle of Chaga Extract.

I bought this mainly because I don't take flu shots and I can't afford down time from colds/flu during the winter (or anytime...who does?). Reason being, I'm a mountainbike/endurance race enthusiast and I wanted this to be an edge in my arsenal. I'm a very *low to the ground* eater, I guess Paleo is a better word for that. I try and maintain about 90% organic intake, but that is impossible while traveling to events or just because life gets in the way. This winter (2014-15) I maintained my health, except for a slight cold around mid-November after staying with a friend in the hospital . Honestly I think hospitals are the worst places to visit. To be fair, this is when I first stared with the Chaga extract. I'm not sure if it was a placebo affect at that time, but the cold was slight, not enough to slow me down or stop me from training. What isn't a placebo affect is since that time, I have not had any blips and where I live the flu was considered epidemic.

What I have noticed about this extract is I remain extraordinarily healthy, and I'm very keen on how I feel. My weights have all gone up, not body weight, but lifting weight. My squat has gone up to 250, my bench press is 100, my one arm rows are now 50. I'm a woman, so guys don't down me here. My usual daily endurance burn rides have extended in length without fatigue and riders know what I mean about over-training and what fresh legs are all about. Just all around good stuff.
Love this stuff
shylock1234 - March 4, 2015
Love this stuff. 12 drops twice a day. Hides well In foods and teas. Nice pick me up in morning. Have eczema and skin is starting to clear up. Work in office space where flu cold bugs run rampant. Keeps them at bay.
Andrea Boudreau - March 1, 2015
Best stuff ever! !
love it and its so easy to use I put
michele - February 26, 2015
love it and its so easy to use I put 5 drops in my afternoon tea and feel great till bedtime I haven't noticed any major shifts in my health as of yet but I do have this steady feeling of balance like nothing is an annoyance and I feel more optimistic that's what im getting from this so far and to be honest that's enough for me just feeling good and up for the day is quite a change I will definitely be buying more
Tony Muollo - February 22, 2015
I recommend this to everyone to boost the immune system
Scott Hillman - March 2015
This is the BOMB. Been taking this for about 2 yrs & feel better than I should. I am getting a divorce & going thru family farm break-up & work. Enough stress to kill a person at 62, but I haven't had a cold in 8 yrs. Seems to level out your bodies healing process.
toots - February 13, 2015
I take this every day.
karyn888 - February 9, 2015
amazing product...shipped quickly...quality is highest I had to date
muzemuze - February 6, 2015
So good!
Stephanie Paris - February 1, 2015
I have been taking chaga for a almost a year now. My results have been great. My skin looks clearer and it almost looks like I have tanned a little. I was always sick and I was tired of it. Knock on wood other than a little sinus thing this winter I have been great. I will continue to use chaga for myself and for my family for life. :)
Darlene - January 16, 2015
The Extract is exactly what I expected. I use it in my shakes and I feel invigorated. Love the product. Came on time and packaged nicely.
Giovanni Montana - January 9, 2015
I am on the second bottle and can see the results
Amazing Supplement!
RainbowAshley - October 26, 2014
This review is from: Maine Chaga Extract
This has helped me immensely with EMF sensitivity, energy levels, and immune function.
Chaga absorbs the radiation we're exposed to and is an anti-mutagen so it helps protect your DNA from cell phones, WiFi. Etc.
I have only been using it for about three weeks and am already seeing results. You do have to take it two or three times a day for the first month of use because chaga is cumulative and it takes some time for the goods inside to build up and produce results.
I read that you are not supposed to miss doses in the beginning as it could lower effectiveness but I went on a vacation and had to cut down to once a day for a few days as well as miss one dayin the second week. I just took higher doses to make up for it.
Its easy to add to tea, which is what ice been doing, and it can also be used topically as a better version of vitamin c serum to clear up the skin. It also leaves a tint to give you a gentle sunkissed tan look.
The dual tincture means that you are sure to get all the chaga benefits and not just half of them, as if from a tea.
Highly highly highly recommend!!!!!
This extract is great I take it twice a month along with the ..
Jason Sell - October 9, 2014
This extract is great. I take it twice a month along with the tea. The customer service is top notch as well! Please give this a try! you wont regret it!
Unequivocal Results
Great product!!
David - September 9, 2014
Good product for energy, detoxification, and high antioxidant source! Will be a repeat customer no doubt!
Works Well for Psoriasis
Anne Branco - August 15, 2014
Works wonderfully well. Have seen results in improvement of psoriasis. Great value!
Love this product
Wanda lee spedden - August 9, 2014
Love this product. Can't say enough about it. Use it in my morning drink and as a mouthwash at night. Mouth feels and looks great
Wow! Exceeded my expectations!
Miles D - July 27, 2014
First off, I have to say that this product has changed my life! I bought this for its immune support as well as the antioxidant strength, but I never thought that it would be so amazing. I take a little everyday and I haven't gotten sick since.. *knock on wood*, and I feel a lot better in general, however another amazing thing is that I can go out and drink with friends and I will never ever have a hangover, no matter how much I drink. I always take a little more before I go out to drink and then once I'm done drinking I take a little more. Might wake up with a slight headache but nothing more. I make sure I always travel with this amazing product! I'm a 25 year old male and I won't live without this.
Food for your DNA
Mommy Harrington - June 2, 2014
That is what David Wolfe says! If you have not seen his video, got to youtube and search "David Wolfe Chaga" . This stuff is amazing!!

Also amazing is My Berry Organics, I ordered both the extract and the chaga chunks, and what a difference My Berry's Chaga has made in my life. I feel Super Charged. I have told all of my healthy friends about My Berry Organics, and I will definitely be ordering from them again. Great, effective product that was fresh and well packaged. Rebecca was very responsive to my questions.
Anyone suffering from Candida overgrowth, which in the USA is mostly everyone, should definitely look into chaga!
Anne W - February 17, 2014
Love Everything about this product, I am a long time Chaga (5+ years) user and have tried numerous other brands before finding this one! What do I love? The packaging and size of the bottle make it easy to use and more affordable than the messy dropper bottles I had been using. This is a true Chaga extract with 100% purity and it is harvested and packaged in the USA. No need to go to a company from Russia or China for Wild Crafted Chaga! I take Chaga twice a day and just put a few drops in water because the taste is so mild. I get all of the health benefits and feel good but am really happy with how my skin looks after I've been taking it for a while. My brown spots are fading and my skin is soft and less lined.
Donna B
I wanted you to know how excited I was when after a few days use of putting chaga directly on my face twice a day as you directed, two flaking spots that I have had for over 30 years have completely disappeared! I had never been able to heal these spots before. What a miracle your chaga extraction is! Thank you
Scott W
I've been on this (chaga extract) for 2 wks and feel like it has balanced out my system-I feel a little better than just good. Looks like it will work just fine-fast service-in good condition.
Love this Chaga product and will most likely reorder when needed. The convenience of the flip top cap is genius! No more wasting drops with the dropper. Large size that lasts for several months for a great price!
- November 3, 2013
I notice a difference