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Reviews - Maine Chaga Coarse Powder

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Tammy W.
This is a HUGE bag and lasts such a long time. It might seem pricey at
> first, but when you get the bag and see how much you get you'll
> definitely know it's a great deal. Before this product came out, I
> used the chaga tea chunks regularly, and still do! Each has its own
> benefits. I like the chaga tea chunks for extra convenience,
> especially when I travel. They're also great for brewing in the slow
> can just easily remove the chunks and dry them out for
> the next use. The coarse powder is great because it takes up less
> space in my mug than the chaga chunks, and I feel like I get an added
> benefit with more surface area of the chaga steeping in the water. I
> use the coarse powder with disposable high quality drawstring tea
> bags. They usually run about $5 - $7 for a pack of 100. The chaga
> powder is mild enough that it does not interfere with the flavor of
> other tea bags that I steep along with the chaga. It's definitely a
> great addition to my tea routine.